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MORE SILKIE MAGICAL GIRL. Because I got really into it haha. With her I’m trying to avoid anything too ‘wintery’ looking, while still looking magical-girl kawaii and keeping all the white fluff and light blue accents. 

Both her design and personality are based off of Silkie chickens, so she’s super short and has them BIRTHIN’ HIPS (silkies are extremely broody and want to hatch every egg in sight). She’s sweet and good-natured and acts like a mother towards everyone.
To be honest I couldn’t really think of anything appropriate for her to use as a weapon, but I’m sorta digging the idea of her just using her fists AND SUDDENLY BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYTHING IN A FIT OF MOTHERLY-RAGE.

Anyway the first one is something fancier because magical girls usually have some fancier duds they whip out when appropriate, and the second is her original outfit shown from the back. The tutu-esque skirt isn’t see-through, but I wanted to show that she wears a leotard underneath it.

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