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Dream Address: 4600-2240-5897

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Kittens! Impossible to photograph. The black is a girl named Jojo, the orange is a boy and doesn’t have a name yet. Hopefully the chooks won’t try and eat them.

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Hello! First I looooooooooove your art like I really do! Second: What do Paprika's eyes look like? I'm thinking about cosplaying her so, that is an important question! :p



They’re most commonly all black, but for Art-Reasons I usually just make them whatever colour is darkest in the picture (same goes for her hair). Whether they’re deep voids or just really big pupils is up for debate.

Black sclera lenses would be the most accurate, but they’re really expensive and can’t be worn very long. I see a lot of people just photoshop their eyes when it’s stuff like this.

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I participated to a drawing thread in /cgl/ and missus-ruin did a drawing of me! I’m so excited because I love her work, thank you so much <3! (ღ❤‿❤ღ)

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Another drawing from the /cgl/ draw thread. This is so adorable, seeing this made my day!

Thank you again missus-ruin, you are really talented.


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A general huge THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the nice words!. ;; Oh man oh gosh. Ya’ll are turning me into mush.

And extra thank yous for everyone that has said they like Paprika (a whole lot of you tagged nice things about her)! I’m ridiculously attached to all my characters so I feel like a proud parent when someone says they like them.

I’ll answer specific stuff below the cut.

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So I am new on your blog and I really wanna know if you are the one who created Paprika or if she is from a game/movie.

Paprika is my OC and isn’t part of any game/movie (don’t worry, you’re not the only one who’s asked this lately ahaha).

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messy doodles of missus-ruin ‘s character, Paprika ^q^;;;;;


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today through April 7, Wet Moon volumes 1-6 are on sale on at Comixology right here!! each book is only $3! :D

YOOOO Wet Moon is a fantastic comic, ya’ll need to get in on this. It is literally the only comic series I own all available volumes of because it’s just that great.

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I’m in the middle of spriting this but I still like the sketch more aahaha.

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It’s ME! Love my new (super cute) chibi blog mascot made by missus-ruin!

Check out the Girl Gone Geek Blog redesign! 


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Omg Paprika looks amazing! I just wanted to ask what program you used to animate her outfit and how long did it took you. The eyes on her dress are sooo frickin' cool!

aaaa thank you! *(*´∀`*)
She’s animated in photoshop! I worked on it over the course of about 3 days, so about…9 hours maybe (it’s probably more oh jeez)? I’m still embarrassingly slow at animating.

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There are some things about Paprika’s design that need to be animated.

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I can’t believe my friends and I play this shitty game.

(I’m so sorry)

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How do you go about making a new OC? When I make OCs, I usually will end up tossing the design or never using the character.

At first I was a little confused cause I never really…had very many hangups when making OCs? Or well, there’s a whole heck of a lot of work that goes into them, but there’s no correct step-by-step process of doing things. Some of my characters were developed using different approaches and there is no right way to do it.

That said, I think the #1 most important thing is that your OC needs to be interesting to you. I find all my OCs “attractive”, in at least one way or another. Maybe they’ve got certain habits that I also do, or they have a personality I think is entertaining, or maybe I do genuinely think they’re hot hahaha. Sometimes their “attractiveness” is their role in their story; representing or exploring ideas I find interesting. Usually it’s a mix of things. If you don’t find your OC interesting, you’re not gonna work on them. 

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